How Much Does UiPath Cost?

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A task is considered rule-based if it involves making decisions that can be logically written down in a flow chart (i.e. simple yes/no questions and input variables)

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HMB is a Gold UiPath Partner

A Gold partner is one who demonstrates a high-level understanding of RPA, delivers sales, and has technical expertise in providing UiPath hyperautomation platform solutions.

How Will Automating With UiPath Transform Your Business?

Regular Businesses

UiPath Automated Businesses

People and systems perform back-office work

Automatable work is assigned to robots

People’s day-to-day work includes many repetitive, low-value activities

Automation infuses everyday work so people are freed to focus on work that’s more fulfilling, valuable, and strategic

Automation efforts are siloed, limited, and expert-focused

Automation is democratized and enables “citizen developers”

Organization wants to execute AI, but struggles to do so

Automation enables AI to be applied to every facet of work