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1 Year Advance Exchange Renewal - Xerox DocuMate 4830

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Part-Number: S-4830-ADV/RENU

Advance Exchange Warranty

The Advance Exchange Warranty can be purchased for up to five years of continuous coverage for most DocuMate® scanners. Advance Exchange Warranty customers receive priority phone support from senior level technicians for an unlimited number of incidents. If a scanner covered under the Advance Exchange Warranty is deemed defective by our technical support department, a replacement scanner will be shipped the same day for next business day delivery, provided the call is made before noon local time. Expedited Air shipping for Bulk Replacements and for Canadian customers. Once the replacement scanner has been received, the customer will have 10 days to return the defective unit, using the provided pre-paid shipping label.

Advance Exchange Warranty

  • Warranty begins at scanner(s) date of purchase (receipt may be required to validate purchase date)
  • Warranty must be purchased within 90 days of sales date (see below for other options)
  • Warranties are available as long as the scanner model is in production
  • Warranties are stackable for three to five years of total coverage from date of scanner purchase, dependent on scanner model

Advance Exchange Warranty Renewals

  • Warranty renewals are available for customers who are currently under the Advance Exchange / On-Site Warranty, or are out of warranty. Standard warranty cannot be extended and is not stackable with Advanced Exchange warranty upgrade options.
  • Warranty renewals are for 12-month increments
  • For out of warranty units, customer(s) must purchase a renewal SKU multiplied by the number of years that either the upgrade warranty has expired or from date of purchase, plus a renewal needed to cover the unit, for a minimum of the next 12 months.

Ordering multiple scanners or support packages? Or, do you have a specific question about the 1 Year Advance Exchange Renewal - Xerox DocuMate 4830?

You can always reach our HMB Capture team via email at, or by phone at 614-392-5198.

For All Warranties, the Following Terms Apply:

  • Troubleshooting must be performed on the phone with our technical support department who will determine if the scanner needs to be repaired or replaced according to the terms of the warranty
  • The warranty covers the repair or replacement of a hardware failure due to normal use or a manufacturer defect. The following is a noncomprehensive list of exclusions:
    • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, accident, modification, natural occurrences or disaster, theft, or an unsuitable physical or operating environment
    • Failure to maintain or improper maintenance of the scanner
    • Cosmetic defects or damage that does not interfere with the proper operation of the scanner
    • NCR or carbonless paper has chemical composition which can damage scanner rollers. Heavy use voids the factory warranty. Refer to the scanner user guide or call support for more details.
  • If, during the course of a repair or replacement, there is no trouble found with the scanner or it is determined that the failure was caused by anything not covered by the warranty (including the items listed above), the customer may be billed for applicable costs
  • If product under warranty cannot be repaired or brought back to manufacturer’s specifications, a like replacement unit will be provided of exact or similar features
  • Warranty sales are final
  • Warranty data sheet contains warranty terms applicable for U.S. and Canada only

Shipping and Billing Details

Shipping: Free Expedited Shipping on orders over $500 in the Continental United States. Expected delivery 3-5 business days. If you need an item sooner please contact us online or call us at 614-392-5198 to make arrangements.

Shipping Service: FedEx or UPS

Ships from: Westerville, Ohio

Ships to: Continental United States plus Alaska & Hawaii

For more information or a price quote on the scanners HMB offers, please contact our product sales team at 614-392-5198 or Contact Us.

Return Policy

  • Return shipping is the customer's responsibility.
  • No returns on opened boxes
  • Returns of unopened boxes are allowed with a 15% restocking fee